How to convert PSD to HTML?

Many designers can create beautiful websites in for example Photoshop, but are not able to convert a PSD to a W3C valid HTML and CSS code which is optimized for search engines ... readmore

How to copy a website

While surfing the Internet you sometimes come to a website where you see something you would also like to have on your own website. Then you will ask yourself: "How to copy a ... readmore

Google Penguin

After the recent Panda update, a new update from Google has come. This update was released on April 24th and was named Google Penguin. It has significantly affected the rankin ... readmore

HTML Tutorial - HTML Layout

Almost every HTML page nearly has the same structure. Of course there are layouts that are built differently, but in general an HTML page features the following elements: ... readmore

CSS Tutorial - CSS box model

When you have just started using CSS, it can sometimes be a little unclear where the properties margin, padding and borders occur precisely. You should see it as the CSS box m ... readmore

HTML Menu - Free HTML Tutorial about creating a menu

To keep your HTML page accessible to the reader it is important to place clear menus on your website. This is best done with the unordered lists. Still, there is more to the H ... readmore

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