Ten developer friendly web apps

On the internet there are many applications available that can be very useful when designing or encoding a website. It is therefore very useful that Jeffrey Way has made a vid ... readmore

Modify the default HTML list items

As you already may have read in the post ‘HTML list’ there are three different HTML lists. You can style such a list as you wish by using CSS. With CSS properties ... readmore

Browser test software

If you have ever tested a website in more than one version of Internet Explorer, you probably made screenshots with a website like browsershots.org and have installed a progra ... readmore

Online browser test

If you have sliced your PSD to HTML and CSS you need to do a browser test to make sure your website is displayed correctly in all browsers. There are a lot of websites out the ... readmore

Browser Test - Multiple IE

Browsers come and browsers go. The past years, we have seen several browsers but unfortunately the number one browser still remains Internet Explorer. The main reason for this ... readmore

How to convert PSD to HTML?

Many designers can create beautiful websites in for example Photoshop, but are not able to convert a PSD to a W3C valid HTML and CSS code which is optimized for search engines ... readmore

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