Html basics


An HTML form is always opened and closed by the HTML tags < form> < /form>. In addition, the HTML elements < input>,< select>, < option>, and < textarea> are often used in a f ... readmore

HTML list / block quotes / images

HTML lists are used to structure data. HTML lists are widely used in building an HTML document. The HTML blockquote element specifies a separate piece of text that originally ... readmore

Folder structure

After a PSD to HTML and CSS is converted, in many cases a programmer is hired, who creates a login section, adds a CMS system, or writes another program, to build a website th ... readmore

Style HTML - External Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

In the previous video you have seen how Jeffrey Way applied the CSS style in the document itself. This is not recommended because what you get is a very confusing HTML code. I ... readmore

Style HTML - inline styling

By nature HTML has various style elements with which you can give the HTML elements a certain style. This is a bit outdated however, because nowadays Cascading Style Sheets (C ... readmore

HTML heading

Headings are the important parts of an HTML document. A heading can be compared with titles and headings in a book. The title of a chapter is nearly always printed thicker or ... readmore

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