Search Engine Optimalisation

Google Penguin

After the recent Panda update, a new update from Google has come. This update was released on April 24th and was named Google Penguin. It has significantly affected the rankin ... readmore

Learn how to search and find with Google

Do you often run into problems when using Google to search for pdf files, academic papers or other information? Do the search terms you use often cause Google to come up with ... readmore

How do I get more traffic to my website

Many people have made their own website or let others create their website. The expectations of that website mostly are very high but once the website is online, the visitors ... readmore

PSD to HTML versus Google Panda

About a year ago, the world of search engine optimization was shaken up by the infamous Google Panda update. Before this update was rolled out, SEO mainly consisted of getting ... readmore

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