jQuery Basics

The most popular cross-browser JavaSript library today must be jQuery. If you’re developing websites you probably already have heard from it. Almost every website seems to use it! So what is it exactly? jQuery is a library used for making AJAX based web applications. The structure of jQuery enables you to easily make web 2.0 applications. The jQuery library also simplifies the process of manipulating the HTML DOM tree. The library is doing so by using AJAX calls, events and animation. A programmer is also forced to write structured and re-usable code, due to the structure of the framework. As you can see, the library has many advantages!

jQuery - Switch between CSS files

The tutorials listed below are slightly more difficult than the other jQuery tutorials we posted so far. You will learn how to make a switcher which enables the visitors of yo ... readmore

jQuery - Implement a plugin

When you get used to jQuery a bit more it is best to write your own applications. However, there are hundreds, not thousands jQuery plugins available on the internet which are ... readmore

jQuery - Tooltips on hover

Like the tooltips we mentioned in our previous jQuery tutorial, the tutorials listed below will teach you how you can create an advanced tooltip that pops up when you hover ov ... readmore

jQuery - Hover and popup image

Displaying a thumbnail on your website instead of the full image might be prettier sometimes. Displaying thumbnails might comply with your layout or it might be better for the ... readmore

jQuery AJAX functionality

You will get to see some AJAX functionality for the first time in this tutorial. AJAX might scare you off because its code is more complex, but the beauty of jQuery is that i ... readmore

jQuery - Resize Text

Some websites are provided with all the usability options currently available. To enable visually impaired people to read the text on a website, you could place a button which ... readmore

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