jQuery - Implement a plugin

When you get used to jQuery a bit more it is best to write your own applications. However, there are hundreds, not thousands jQuery plugins available on the internet which are very easy to integrate in your website. Implementing plugins instead of writing your own code could save you a lot of time! How you can implement a plugin is explained in detail in the jQuery tutorial listed below. In this tutorial, the s3slider plugin is implemented.

The s3slider plugin slides images and/or text on several different ways. You will have to download the compressed version first. After downloading the compressed version you will need to put the JavaScript file inside the JavaScript folder of your website. Then you need to invoke the JavaScript files inside the head section of your document. Besides the jQuery file you will also need to invoke the plugin you placed inside your JavaScript folder. When you have done so, you can copy the HTML and CSS code and edit it to suit your own wishes. You can also edit the JavaScript code of the slider to determine the animation durations and speeds.

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