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PDF When it comes to exchanging electronic documents, PDF (Portable Document Format) has been the standard since 1993. There are many people who design a website and save their design as a .pdf file. When you have designed and saved your website in .pdf format, you’re probably looking for someone who can slice the .pdf file and someone who can convert the file to valid HTML. PSDtoHTMLshop is specialized in converting PDF files to HTML. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can slice your PDF without a hassle and then convert it to pixel perfect valid HTML and CSS.

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What is PDF to HTML?

The term ‘PDF to HTML’ is used by many people and companies to indicate that a web design is being converted to HTML. In this case, the web design is saved as a .PDF file, which has been created with either Adobe Acrobat X or Microsoft Word. Converting the .pdf file to HTML means that the .PDF file will be sliced in a logical way and then converted to valid XHTML and CSS code.


As stated above, the .pdf will be converted to HTML/XHTML. To meet the latest requirements the .pdf will be converted to XHTML 1.0. XHTML 1.0 is well read by all browsers and can be indexed by all search engines. The XHTML code we provide after slicing your .pdf file meets the latest W3C guidelines. You can validate the code on W3C’s website and will see that the validator will not return any errors. As well as W3C validation, the XHTML will also be properly displayed in all browsers. Your website will look the same in each and every browser. Your visitors will never have any problems with the display of the website, regardless which browser they use. Finally, the XHTML code is being built in a logical way with SEO in mind. This is being done so that all search engines can read the code well and that the website will be indexed in the right way, which can lead to better search rankings.


When converting your .pdf files, we always use XHTML 1.0. This is the latest version of HTML which has full support from all browsers. HTML is the outdated version and we do not recommend using it, because it can result in problems with the displaying of the code in the browser. Besides XHTML 1.0, we also offer a service to convert your web design to HTML5. When you want your design to be converted to HTML5, we recommend visiting this page about PDF to HTML5.

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