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CSS When it comes down to converting a PSD to CSS, PSDtoHTMLShop is the partner you are looking for. A team of specialists is ready to convert your website design to a working website. Whether it is about a static XHTML/CSS website, a CMS system like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, or about a webshop running Magento or osCommerce: we can handle everything. Converting your PSD to CSS is being done by a special team which is focused only on PSD conversion. The converting is always done according to the latest guidelines, resulting in very high-quality code.

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What is PSD to CSS?

Before explaining the term PSD to CSS, we are going to explain the terms PSD and CSS. It does not matter in which program you have designed your website, we accept every format. However, most web designers design websites in Photoshop (.psd is the extension used to save these designs). PSD has become a term used in this industry to describe all formats which can be converted to CSS. CSS is the abbreviation for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’, which are style sheets containing the style of an XHTML document. When the internet was quite new, the style of a document (like the background colors or the font size) was placed inside the HTML document. This isn’t the case anymore. Every style is saved inside a separate .css document. The most important reason for doing so is that it results in easier to read and faster loading code. Now that we have explained the terms PSD and CSS, it is most likely already clear what PSD to CSS means. PSD to CSS is used to describe the process of converting a web design to XHTML with a separate CSS style sheet.

PSD to CSS requirements

Converting your web design to CSS is being done with the greatest accuracy. Many competitors use software for this process, which results in very low quality and difficult to understand code. You would like to have an exactly the same looking website for every visitor, regardless of which browser they use, wouldn’t you? Besides that you would want a well indexable website resulting in a higher position in the search engine results, wouldn’t you? PSDto HTMLshop converts all web designs by hand, resulting in hand written CSS code built from scratch. Therefore, the code complies to the latest W3C standards, is being displayed the same in each and every browser resulting in the same experience for every visitor and, last but not least, will be built with SEO in mind so that search engines will understand the code resulting in higher positions in the search results.

CSS2 or CSS3

We use CSS2 when converting your designs. CSS2 is being supported by all browsers (even older ones) which results in the fact that the code will always be displayed correctly. However, CSS3 is in full development and by using CSS3 pages will be loaded faster because there is less use of images. When you would like CSS3 instead of CSS2, we will use several hacks so that the code is also being displayed correctly in older browsers.

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