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PSD to HTML5 PSD to HTML5 is emerging. Converting your web design to HTML5 is absolutely no problem for PSDtoHTMLshop. We are specialized in converting your web designs to HTML5 and therefore will be more than happy to do so. We don’t only mean Photoshop files when we say web designs. Regardless of the program in which you made your design, you can always let your design be converted to HTML5 by one of our specialists.

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What is PSD to HTML5?

HTML5 is the name of the latest HTML standard. However, the new version isn’t finished: HTML5 contains functionality of both html and xhtml and contains solutions for errors in html and xhtml. The real improvement of HTML5 is that is supports web applications. When converting a PSD file to HTML5 it’s not necessary to always use HTML5. It’s also possible to use CSS3, JavaScript, XML, JSON and SVG resulting in the possibility to create a whole other user experience than with only HTML / XHTML.

Requirements for HTML5

When we convert a web design to HTML5 we make sure that the code complies with the latest guidelines from the W3C. However, those guidelines are experimental, because HTML5 does not yet have full support from the W3C. Besides W3C valid code, we also make sure that the HTML5 is being properly displayed in each and every browser. It doesn’t matter which browser your visitors use, because we test our code in several versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. To make sure that your website will get a nice high spot in the search results, we make sure that the layout of the code is ‘search engine optimized’. We’re also specialists in this area and thus we make sure that the code will be properly indexed by search engines, which can result in a high position in the search results.


Not every browser is ready for HTML5 and CSS3, which results in not (well) displaying some elements (this applies mostly to old versions of browsers). To display those elements in older browsers we use some HTML5 hacks and CSS3 hacks. When you rather wouldn’t use hacks, we recommend that you look on our page about PSD to XHTML. Contrary to HTML5 , XHTML is full-supported by all browsers and thus well-implemented.

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