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Joomla When you want your web design converted to Joomla, you’re certainly on the right website. Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) which lets users manage their website without any technical knowledge. When we say manage, we mean editing and deleting pages or content, or adding new content and pages. Joomla is a CMS system written in PHP with a MySQL database on the backend. For many web designers the process of converting their design to Joomla is very complicated and this is exactly the reason why our specialists are more than happy to do that for you

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What is PSD to Joomla?

PSD to JOOMLA is the name of the process in which a psd file is being converted to a Joomla template. It does not have to be necessarily a psd file, because we can convert any format to a Joomla template. When we receive your web design, we start by cutting it in little pieces (or slicing, as it’s also called). After the slicing process, we build the XHTML and CSS which results in a working, static website. The XHTML and CSS code we have is then being used by our Joomla specialists to create a Joomla template. Joomla is mostly used for managing a blog or editing or creating content on a website. The Joomla CMS has a very user-friendly interface, and therefore anybody can work with the CMS very easily without having any technical knowledge. When converting a design to Joomla, it’s possible to use a rich array of different Joomla plugins. For example, it’s possible to make an RSS feed, make a printable version of the page, make a forum or displaying a calendar on the website. Of course these are just a few examples of the possibilities there are. When the functionality you want isn’t available in a plugin just yet, we can always make a custom plugin for you.

Joomla requirements

When you outsource your PSD to JOOMLA work it’s more than normal that you want your Joomla template to be of the highest quality. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, since we make all our Joomla templates according to our own guidelines. For example, the templates will always comply with the latest W3C guidelines. This means that not only your template is being properly displayed in each and every browser, but also that the search engines will ‘understand’ the code which results in a higher search engine ranking. Search engines will visit your website on a regular basis and we make sure that the elements will be placed in a logical way. Doing so, search engines will index your website much easier, which can lead to higher search engine rankings. And just like we said, we make sure that your website is being properly displayed to every user, regardless of which browser they use.

Joomla and HTML5

Converting your web design to Joomla is being done in the XHTML format. This is the most recent version of HTML and is full-supported by all browsers. It’s also possible to provide a Joomla template with HTML5. A small amount is being added to the price, because it’s more work to properly display the HTML5 code in all browsers because not all browsers are ready for HTML5. If you are interested in HTML5 and if you would like to read more information about it, you can do so on our HTML5 page.

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