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osCommerce Converting a PSD file to an osCommerce template is becoming more popular, which comes from the fact that a growing number of companies and people want their own webshop. osCommerce is a free open-source e-commerce system which allows you to perfectly run your own online webshop. Converting a psd file to a working osCommerce template is easier being said than done, but PSDtoHTMLshop is more than happy to do so for you. Our osCommerce specialists are ready to convert all of your web designs into working osCommerce templates.

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What is PSD to osCommerce?

The term PSD to osCommerce is used when describing the process of converting a web design to a webshop. Someone designed a webshop in Photoshop, Word, PDF or any other program which is capable of doing so, and wants his design converted to a working webshop. PSDtoHTMLshop is the company you were waiting for, because we have many specialists who would love to convert all your web designs for you. This will not only save you time and money, the quality of the code will also be much better than when you do it yourself, concerning the fact that our specialists do it on a daily basis thus making no mistakes anymore. When we receive your web design it will be analyzed and send to one of our PSD to HTML experts who converts the web design to valid xhtml and css code. When the web design is converted to valid xhtml and css, the osCommerce specialist comes in. The osCommerce specialist converts the valid xhtml and css to a wonderful working online webshop with a user-friendly admin panel, allowing users to add, edit or delete new products and pages. A big advantage of osCommerce is the fact that there are many safe payment methods available, for instance PayPal, iPayment, SecPay, iDeal, MultiSafePay, TrustCommerce, ChronoPay and much more. By using one of these payment methods, you provide the visitor with the possibility to directly pay online for their order, thus having the certainty you wish when you have a webshop.

osCommerce requirements

The PSDtoHTMLshop PSD to osCommerce process happens according to strict quality standards. We guarantee that your online webshop is being display the same in all browsers. All your customers will see the webshop the same, regardless of which browser they use. This is being accomplished by reviewing the code in all browsers on a regular basis. When we spot a divergence, we will fix it immediately. Besides checking browser compatibility, we also take a logical layout of the code into account. This results in the fact that not only your visitors, but also the search engines can index your webshop well which will result (in most cases) to a higher ranking in the search engines. A higher ranking will lead to more visitors to your webshop which will lead to more sales. Finally, we make sure that the code is valid according to the latest W3C guidelines. This contributes to a better displaying of the site, but search engines also like it when the code complies with the W3C guidelines.

osCommerce and HTML5

Some companies and people want to have the foundation of their webshop in HTML5 rather than XHTML 1.0. We also provide this service. We would love to convert your PSD to HTML5 and then convert the HTML5 to a working osCommerce webshop template. We recommend looking on our page about HTML5 for more information about HTML5.

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