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WordPress Converting a web design to html and css happens very often. Many web designs must be converted to an easy-updatable website, blog, webshop or something else. Wordpress is well-suited for this. When you want your web design converted to Wordpress, you’re at the right site. PSDtoHTMLshop is specialized in converting PSD to WORDPRESS. Wordpress has risen in popularity the last couple of years, resulting in millions of websites which are being updated using Wordpress on a daily basis. Wordpress is not only handy when it comes to updating your website, it’s also very easy to add new pages or install new plugins allowing the user to manage their website the way they want to.

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What is PSD to Wordpress?

PSD to Wordpress is the term used when describing the process of converting a web design in Photoshop format to a working Wordpress template. Wordpress is a content management system, also called CMS, which allows the users to easily add, edit or delete the content of their website without needing any technical knowledge. When converting a web design to Wordpress, we start with slicing the design. Then, the sliced design will be converted to valid XHTML and CSS which on their turn will be converted to a working Wordpress template. That template can then be expanded with several plugins which can be active on either the front- or backend. Examples include a plugin for the SEO of the website or a plugin which allows customers to easily pay for their order via a payment method they wish. Many plugins are available for free download, but there are also plugins for which you have to pay. PSDtoHTMLshop is also specialized in making custom plugins.

Wordpress requirements

When converting a web design to Wordpress we work, just like all our other conversions, with a strict quality control. The code which will be presented to the browser and thus the search engines will comply with the latest guidelines set by the W3C. Besides these guidelines, the website will be displayed properly in every browser because we review the code in all browsers on a regular basis during the coding process. This allows us to track down minor mistakes and errors and resolve them immediately. Besides being well-displayed to the user, the code must also be readable by the search engines. To achieve this, our specialists keep the guidelines from Google in mind when making the logical layout of the code. When we finalize the process of converting your PSD to Wordpress, the website will look the same in every browser so that none of your visitors will be disappointed by a ‘weird’ looking design.

Wordpress and HTML5

We convert your website to XHTML and convert that XHTML to a working Wordpress template. But some people would like to use HTML5 rather than XHTML, and therefore we can also do this for you. HTML5 is relatively new at this point, but it will be the standard of the web in just a matter of time. We recommend visiting this page about HTML5 for more information about HTML5.

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