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PSD to XHTML Have you designed a website in Photoshop and do you want that design converted to valid XHTML? You found the right website! We are specialized in PSD to XHTML and our experts can’t wait to start converting your web designs to valid XHTML. When you decide to use our service instead of doing it yourself you aren’t only paying less money, but the quality of the code will be much better. All XHTML made by us will comply with the latest W3C guidelines, will look the same in every browser and is hand-written from scratch with SEO in mind. Therefore, the code will be understandable for search engines resulting in higher rankings.

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What is PSD to XHTML?

Firstly, we will explain the terms PSD and XHTML. PSD is the standard format of files made in Photoshop (.psd). XHTML is a markup language. XHTML is an abbreviation for ‘Extensible Hypertext Markup Language’. XHTML has the same functionality as HTML but uses a more strict syntax based more on XML. This may sound a little to techno, but it comes down to the fact that XHTML needs a less complex parser than HTML. Converting PSD to XHTML means that a website designed in Photoshop is converted to XHTML. However, for PSDtoHTMLshop does PSD to XHTML not only mean Photoshop files, other formats are also welcome. We can easily convert .PDF, WORD, .JPG, Illustrator and all your other formats to valid XHTML and CSS.

PSD to XHTML requirements

As you can see on our order page, we offer very sharp prices to our customers to stay ahead of the competition. When looking for a PSD to HTML company, you probably won’t only look at the price, but also the code for which you’re paying. We guarantee our prices and at the same time want to provide you with very high-quality XHTML/CSS. All XHTML/CSS code is handwritten from scratch. By doing so, we can guarantee that the code complies with the latest guidelines set by the W3C. To accommodate the search engines even more resulting in possible higher rankings for your website, our experts convert your web design with SEO in mind. Therefore, search engines can read and understand your website much easier. Because you want your website to look the same in each and every browser, PSDtoHTMLshop does exactly that. We make sure that your website will look the same to every visitor you have, to prevent misunderstandings.


We often get the question: does our design needs to be converted to XHTML or HTML5? Our advice in this case is that at this moment you are better off using XHTML, because XHTML is supported by all browsers. Of course it is also possible to convert a design to HTML5 whenever a customer wants so. Several fixes will then be applied (e.q. by using JavaScript) to make sure that older browsers will display the HTML5 correctly.

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