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WORD to HTML We’ve seen a lot of formats pass in review when converting a web design to HTML. We are seeing a rising number of orders for WORD to HTML conversions. There is a rising number of companies and people who design a website in Microsoft Word and want their design converted to HTML and CSS. We from PSDtoHTMLshop have specialists working for us who are specialized in slicing word files so that all your word files can be converted to valid HTML and CSS without a hassle.

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What is WORD to HTML?

Many web designers design a website but don’t have enough knowledge to convert that design to HTML and CSS. When someone designed a website in WORD the term WORD to HTML will be used because the WORD file will be converted to HTML. When we receive an WORD file, we will analyze it and slice it in a logical way, keeping SEO in mind. The sliced layout is then being converted by our specialists to HTML and CSS.

Perfect HTML

Your web design is in the right hands. We don’t ‘just’ convert WORD files to HTML, but to the latest HTML version: XHTML 1.0. All browsers support this version of HTML which results in the fact that your website will be well-displayed in every browser. We assure that your website will look the same for every visitor, regardless of which browser they use. To accomplish this, we optimize the code just as long as needed to make sure that your website looks identical in every browser. Besides identical displaying in every browser, we also make sure that the code complies with the latest W3C guidelines. The code will be checked using the W3C validator and we will keep checking it until there are no mistakes left. Validating the code is not only better for the website appearance, but also for the search engines. Search engines like it when your XHTML code complies with the latest guidelines. To further please the search engines we think about the layout of the code before we start the slicing process. Then, the XHTML will be built in a logical and structural way which allows the search engines to easily understand and index the code. This allows your website to rank high in Google and will result in more organic visitors to your website.

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